To claim or not to claim.







We have not really had any Winter storms here in the Reno/Sparks area yet, but with all the new growth and the traffic that goes with it, You quite likely have seen, or unfortunately been  involved in a fender bender.

You may have just  accidentally knocked the mirror off your vehicle while backing out of your garage.   Many vehicle accidents are just minor and may not warrant an insurance claim.

If the damage isn’t too bad, used auto parts and a little elbow grease might be just what the doctor ordered to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly and reasonably as possible.


To Claim or Not to Claim

Obviously, this is a question for you as an individual, but does the damage to your vehicle cost more than your deductible?

Are you aware that just filing a claim with your insurance company, even if they do not pay anything, may result in higher rates for you next year?

Consider  your options before making a decision. If you decide to repair it yourself,  call one of our experienced staff to find out the cost of  used parts vs new.

On many  occasions we will have the right part for you at less than 1/2 the price of a new or aftermarket part. We can save you even more when we have the part in your color, No painting required!

Evaluate the Repair

You should do a little research online to find out what the repair is going to take.

Replacing a headlight or fender can be far different from one vehicle to the next.  Getting an idea of the complexity of the repair based on your specific vehicle should be your first step.

If changing out the damaged part for a quality used part seems too difficult for your skill level, it may be better to not pursue it unless you can get help from an experienced Family member, skilled neighbor, or friend.

The internet, especially YouTube, has amazing videos to guide you through a lot of the repairs you may encounter. Many parts needed for those little boo boo’s can easily be replaced with basic hand tools and a little research. We are also happy to help explain or even have you speak with one of our parts pullers when you pick up your quality recycled part!

Used Parts Availability

We have tons (literally) of recycled parts available at any one of our four locations covering most makes and models.  Most of the collision parts you can easily install for a “DIY” repair are as follows:

Front Fenders, Headlights,  Bumpers, Hoods, Grills

Radiators, Doors, door handles,  Mirrors, Tailights, Tailgates

Wheels and suspension parts.

Obviously, there are many used auto parts that you may seek after a collision and some may not be on this list. Please give us a call and one of our courteous and professional sales people will be happy to assist you.  If it’s after hours you can also check the availability of parts using our online parts search page on our website.