Salvaged Title Vehicles from NNAWG  

Buying a salvaged title vehicle is easy if you’re buying from Northern Nevada Auto Wrecking Group. We will help you register and obtain the title of the vehicle quickly and easily, and our sales administrative staff will walk through you the process if any difficulties should arise.

Although there may be some stigma behind buying a salvaged title, let us assure you that you should not be worried. There are many reasons that a vehicle is deemed ‘salvaged,’ ranging from minor to major. A salvaged title is a vehicle that has been damaged or deemed a total loss by the insurance company that paid the claim on it. Each state varies as to what a ‘salvaged title’ is, and depending on what car you are looking for, it can be an inexpensive option for a car buyer on a budget.

If the car in question was damaged beyond 75-90% of the total value of the car, the car may not be driven, sold or registered in its present state. Once inspected, fixed and made operable again, the car is then given the term, salvaged title. It must pass a safety inspection before it is issued this title.

Different types of damage could have affected the car in question, anything from flood or hail damage to theft recovery, vandalism, or operator-error. If the damage really affects the car it can be deemed, ‘non-repairable,’ meaning the vehicle may only be sold for its parts. This is also referred to as a junk title. Lucky for NNAWG, these cars help stock our auto parts inventory keeping it updated and full!

What all of this really boils down to is this, should you by a salvaged title vehicle? Yes, the car has a bit of a checkered past, but if you are in the position to buy a car that is in your budget and will get you from point a to point b, a salvaged title vehicle may be your best bet.

Northern Nevada Auto Wrecking Group makes the registering of a salvaged title vehicle easy. We have our sales and administrative staff that will advice you with any difficulties that may arise.

Contact NNAWG today, we are happy to answer your questions and help point you in the right direction.