Junkyards vs. Auto Salvage Yards: Know the Difference

You might think the words ‘junkyard’ and ‘auto salvage yard’ are interchangeable. However, there are several distinctions. A junkyard is often a catchall for unwanted and broken items, and can include appliances, household fixtures, discarded construction materials and cars. Some items can be recycled, but not all.

In contrast, auto salvage yards like NNAWG purchase vehicles with the intentions of recycling and reusing as much vehicle material as possible. Your insurance company may consider these cars totaled. But thanks to auto salvage yards, your wrecked vehicle stays out of the landfill and helps others repair their cars for a fraction of what new parts can cost.

At NNAWG, utmost care is taken to clean and categorize parts, which you can find on our parts search page. Vehicles are organized in the yards so we can quickly and efficiently pull parts for you. Our 3 yards are further classified by vehicle type with experts standing by to take your calls and answer your questions.

Reno Auto Wrecking: American Trucks, SUVs and Vans
Airport Auto Wrecking: Foreign Cars, Trucks and SUVs
Sparks Auto Wrecking: American Cars and Jeeps