Affordable Used Vehicles

Looking for an affordable used vehicle to buy with your tax return or stimulus check? Reno Auto Wrecking carries American trucks and SUVs that might fit your needs. We carry Dodge, Ford and Chevrolet full-size trucks. Our Sparks Auto Wrecking location has a large inventory of Jeeps and American cars. And Airport Auto Wrecking stocks foreign cars and trucks, including Nissan, Toyota, Subaru and Honda, to name a few.

Most of our used vehicles for sale are categorized as “builders”, which means they will have a salvage title and may need some repairs to get them road-ready. When you purchase a vehicle with a salvage title, the State of Nevada requires an inspection by your professional mechanic to diagnose what potential repairs, if any, need to be done to get the vehicle registered in your county and state.

For instance, if you live in Washoe or Clark Counties in Nevada, your vehicle needs to meet more extensive emissions requirements than if you live in the rest of the state. When you register your new-to-you used vehicle, you’ll need to submit the inspection with the application.

Check our inventory today for a used vehicle that meets your needs.